A step into the world of fashion.

So, I decided that I shall embrace the benefits of social media to communicate with everyone on a deeper note. Yeap, I have sold out and started a blog about my styling endeavours. Hehehe. If you can’t beat it, go along with it, right? That’s how pretty much I survived working as a stylist anyway.

So let’s see. Where shall we start. No boring details here, I promise. I started becoming interested in fashion since I knew what clothes were for. So I started dabbling into working in the wardrobe coordination department by freelancing for a few production houses when I was just in my teens and I had spare time over the holidays. My first job was for a TV project called “Time to Heal”, under the company Film Formation, a production company hired by MediaCorp. I worked with really cool people like Ezann Lee and a few other long time Media Corp actors, as well as funny ass art directors like Alicia and directors like Yew Kwang.

Skipping a few years ahead, I did more projects, started working in a production house myself and did all the wardrobe stuff. I was also a freelance model and I loved styling myself, so one of my photographers told me why not try to be a stylist? I had no idea what was that, but it sounded cool at that time. I followed him on shoots, helped him coordinate looks for other models, and slowly started a simple portfolio on modelmayhem.

Delving along, I got bigger jobs after much mentoring and I was ready to go solo. I worked for several editorial publications, with awesome photographers such as Benny Tan, Terry Chua, Tuck Loong, makeup artists who became my dearest friends such as the ever awesome Sha Shamsi, Angel Gwee, Leah Hidayah and many more. I learnt so much from my peers and had muses and friends to help me along such as Shirley Zhong, Geraldine Lim, Shavonne (who has grown so much as a photographer), Antonio Cheng, Zennie…… the list could go on forever.

I shall record as much as I can here on any updates. be it random or just …. stuff. Anyway, here are some special images that I have achieved over the years. Wanna see more? I have a website. http://www.winnieloo.com

I know. I’m just so old school that I don’t have a fancy name. I didn’t even go to Laselle, can’t blame me right? šŸ˜‰

And a behind a scene shot. For shits and giggles. šŸ˜€I

I would like to add, my favourite photographer for fashion is BrunoDayan. This is something I am looking to achieve right, about, now.Ā 


About Fashion Le Pazzion

Professional fashion and commercial stylist. For full range of services, portfolio and credentials, please visit www.winnieloo.com. I write mainly about fashion, fitness, trends, and lifestyle. Contact me at Loowin84@gmail.com
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6 Responses to A step into the world of fashion.

  1. Razin Razor says:

    Congrats on the blog opening! Keep on being an inspiration!

  2. Shirley says:

    I’m the only one who has behind the scene shot eh lol

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