Getting back into the flow

Ok….. after a ridiculous delay after my last and (ummm first) post, I have decided that it is kind of stupid to start a blog and then just leave it with one post.

Sooo….. let’s get away from that embarassing first paragraph. I finally managed to do my colour blocking theme shoot with my talented/passsionate/hardworking/weird/awesome photographer/bestie/muse/vent machine Shirley Zhong. (too many adjectives to describe someone with so many… traits. ;P

Also, kudos the lighting assistants and team Chris, Dingyan, John, Geraldine, my two lovely models, (not including me I was in the shoot for shits and giggles).

For those who doesn’t follow my tweets or fb, here are some previews.

Photographer: Shirley Zhong Models: Magda S and Jessica Ridoulf Assistants Cce Soo, John Cheong, Cai Dingyan, Geraldine Lim Makeup Artist: Diane Anne

To see more, just go to or (will update that soon).

With the same awesome team for this shoot, I did another lighting test shoot with them and again, got some awesome results. This time, I was the model burning under the heat but well worth it.

Also managed to get into the opening of Depression at CineLeisure and had a picture with the very nice and awesome Kenny!

Did a fashion spread for Sutra December, will share the pictures when it’s out. Stay tuned!

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Toodles 🙂


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