Life of a Gymoholic

Am currently working out to remove the fats accumlated in me when I was hospitalized. The meds have been changed, but I am going to attain back my aim. Kate Hudson and Miley Cyrus… I swear..


Let’s see for me. What was my progress…

After joining Truefitness since end December 2012, my progress has somewhat been really weird.

I started observing my body from August,

Took May 2013, which was one the heaviest I have been because of heavy lifting and not watching my diet. Drink alot, eat alot, exercise alot but no avail.


May 2013 (Body pump, spin class from start January)

Started to monitor my diet, running  in the morning, and eating clean, working on my arms, abs circuit in the gym religiously amongst spinning. This gradually started from Jan till until November where I forgo my workouts for work.


Workouts done: Running for at least 30 minutes every alternate morning. Spin class at lunch hour for 60 minutes. Grab a salad or a home made meal full of protein such as chicken, fish, veggies. You ARE allowed to eat carbs, but try to maintain a ketogenic diet (mainly meat and veggies). Work your abs by doing planking on a Swissball, leg lefts, situps with weights and add in different routines as you go along. For arms, work it by going for circuit training, weight lifting, body pump which also tones and shapes your ass, legs, shoulders and arms. Once you get the method right, you can train on your own.

And the progress started showing from April till August where it maintained till December 2013 before I got hospitalized.

Results started to show :D


Before and After: Left taken on February 2013, and right taken on August 2013. Poof, 4 months and 6 kg down.

Progression of the body

April 2013 to July 2013

April 2013 to July 2013

August to December 2013

August to December 2013

Till then, hopefully I can shed off the flab weight and hit my target. Tips: DO HILTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please do not lift any less than 5 pounds for the ladies, it’s really not gonna help and no you are not going have any bulging muscles if you do it right. Don’t believe? Follow @Censkii on Instagram and you know what I’m talking about.


2 months target point

2 months target point

Of course, I cheat and eat peanut butter and chocolates too. What you think? I’m only human. :P

Two of the baddest and awesome chicks in term of style. (Apparently not Miley, I just like her style. ALOT.

Two of the baddest and awesome chicks in term of style. (Apparently not Miley, I just like her style. ALOT.

These are my cheats, I'm only human.

These are my cheats, I’m only human.

As mentioned, this will be my main blog for now, so hope you guys can show your support!




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