Burning off before adding on

Yo peeps.

So it’s been festive season after festive season. Christmas, New Year, and soon, Chinese New Year is approaching. From stuffed turkeys, eggnog, steaks, wine to upcoming rounds of hotpot, crackers, soda and more booze during CNY visits, we all know what we got to do. That is, GET OFF YOUR ASS OFF THE COUCH NOW AND DO SOME WORKOUTS!

In this post, I am going to introduce some of my favourite workouts that I am actively participating in to shed off the extra flab I have put on because of too much food over the past few weeks.

1) Spin class

Spin class (also known as indoor cycling class), is usually done at a commercial gym or at a fitness studio with the help of an instructor. There, you will use an exercise bike. You control resistance on your bike to make the pedaling as easy or difficult as you choose. The riders rise as one, pedals turning faster as they grimace with exertion, sweat dripping off their bodies while the instructor will scream “Faster! Higher Resistance! Up the hill! with heavy techno music playing in the background. Anyway I will stop typing so many words and just show you the video what happens in a spin class. I just went for one and I usually burn 700 calories or more in 60 minutes including warm up, and cool down.

So I managed to sneak in a picture of myself at class just now and trust me, it’s not easy when you are trying not to fall off the bike and also not let the instructor scream at you. Here is the glamourous o me. Sorry for the horrible, horrible resolution. The lights aint’t helping yo.

I'm sweaty, sticky, dehydrated and trying to take this picture inconspicuously like I'm checking for messages during cool down.

I’m sweaty, sticky, dehydrated and trying to take this picture inconspicuously like I’m checking for messages during cool down.

2) Ab Circuit Training (Upper and Lower Core)

Ok, so maybe not everyone likes to go to the gym where you feel self conscious as you stare at your own ass in the mirror (I know I do) and you feel like the sweat dripping from your makeup free face (Please don’t tell me you are one of those that wears makeup in the gym, I judge you, I really do) makes you look like a panting gorilla. Well, you can opt for home exercise, I’m sure most of you have seen plenty of such clips on the internet. Today I am gonna share with you some of my favourite ab circuit routines I do at home or at the gym. First let’s show you this image of a total ab/core workout, try to visualize.


This chart is quite self explanatory. I follow this diagram quite religiously but I also add in some more routines that I found via Instagram and other fitness sites. They work your obliques, upper abs, lower tummy (muffin top!), and also help to strengthen your entire core so you actually can totally do this for fun at random lampposts when you feel like it.

Fun eh?

Fun eh?

NAH…. kidding, or not.

So I uploaded this video myself on Youtube. There are 10 routines in this video, do 4 sets of 2o reps for each routine. Check it out.

1. The four workouts work the upper core/abs, so you and I can totally get abs like this.


Ok.. maybe in a few years time, but we’ll get there.

The next three routines work the lower abs, the hardest part of the tummy every woman seem to want to burn off, but can never do. What to do? We have wombs, damn the men. But it’s not impossible.

Picture on the left is taken 5 weeks ago, right picture taken 2 months approx before.

Picture on the left is taken 5 weeks ago, right picture taken 2 months approx before.

Last but not least, the next 3 routines work the core. Its pretty much more of planking, where you balance yourself on your elbows and lift your whole body weight up and use your core muscle to balance your body in a straight line. NO THIS NOT WHAT I MEAN BY PLANKING.

planking on washer dryertumblr_m81u4ujzdV1qllu0f

So I did some side planks with 2kg weights which can help to burn off love handles, slow movement of back and forth while controlling your breath and sucking in your stomach, as well as some rotational intervals to create higher intensity. They work your whole core as well as your obliques.


Obliques refer to the upper largest muscle group of the core where the dent is. that’s where your six pack get’s it shape at yo.

Some other ab exercise that you can try out can be done using a Swiss ball, which is the big ass ball you see at gyms, they give you higher resistance when you plank, meaning faster and better results for your abs.

images (5)images (9)Or if your fitness level is insane enough, the TRX core machine

Highly consult a experienced trainer before using this machine.

Highly consult a experienced trainer before using this machine.

For shits and giggles, I tried acroyoga a couple months back and these really work your core as well. But it’s difficult as death and it really takes alot of practice and effort, and a really trusting partner. Heh.

It isn't easy just cos we are all smiling, at least for me anyway.

It isn’t easy just cos we are all smiling, at least for me anyway.

So, that’s the end of my workout tips for today. I usually lift weights as well, but not so much at the moment because I am trying to lose off fats before bulking up. I do light toning with light weights and more reps but my main concentration would be cardio and abs training. Of course, it’s never either or, you have to work out every muscle group to get that perfect sculpt. And then you can todally look like this to celebrate your CNY.

Please don't take me seriously.

Please don’t take me seriously.

Well. I hope this is useful for you so everyone can get that amazeball healthy body to fit into this tacky little thing to get more red packets.


Actually I very much prefer this.

tumblr_li0qyeIfGj1qhryrwo1_400For more fitness tips, there are plenty of fitspo sites to check out. One of my favourite is igshoutout.net, or just check out my instagram @WinnieL84 for random posts of some of the self attempted healthy food I try to eat and workouts I do.

Till then, toodles and wish everyone a happy new year! But first, 2 secs please… just for feedback. Purdy please…;)

Thanks and much love,



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