Words for 2014

I have a couple of inks on my body, but I have found three more tattoos that I want to get on the side of my hand, my ribcage and another one somewhere on my lower palm. Here are the tattoos I currently have, 5 in total.

1) The word Excelsior on my right wrist gotten in beginning 2013 at Grade A tattoo parlour in Phuket

The word Excelsior on my right wrist.

The word Excelsior on my right wrist gotten in Phuket

2) An angel tattoo at my left pelvic area gotten at Heeren about 4 years ago, got touched up at Phuket by the kind artists at Grade A.

tat 13) The word “Non Violence” together with another dove in Sanskrit at the back of my neck, gotten at Vagabond Ink.


4) Another simple dove design, my first tattoo that I gotten when I was 18 from Heeren at the tip on my right butt cheek, it’s hard to take that picture so I’m just gonna show the design.

images (10)Last but not least, my most recent tattoo that I gotten mid 2013 at Galaxy Tattoo, which I highly recommend and will go back there for all the other tattoos that I want to get. Here is their Blog, Facebook Page. and their Reviews. I got a Piscean tattoo at the side of my left upper arm, and I’m going back there to touch it up.

54c152c6a330afb8d527741131c2bea4The other two tattoos I want to get would be word tattoos, namely

Amazing-Hand-Tattoo-Designshope_rib_cage_tattoo-2917As they reflect a part of experience that I went through end December/beginning January. It was a painful, yet therapeutic experience.

I am also toying with the idea of getting this quote tattoo from “Perks of being a Wallflower on my other ribcage, or on my inner upper arm.

images (3)Lastly, I want to get a trinity side tattoo, but I’m not sure where I should put in. Thinking of adding in onto my shoulder blade, a very small design.


I’m probably gonna get 2 tattoos first, and then plan for the other 2 when more money comes in (hint hint). I’m just a sucker for word and small tattoos you guys, I love the idea of filling my body with little tidbits of life and my thoughts and inspiration. I actually wanted to get a tattoo of Mark Twain’s quote from the Notebook, 1898.

download (4)


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