Rings for the middle finger

Hey yo fashionable peeps,

Sorry for the pun in the title, I can’t help it, really can’t 😛 And with this two week flu going on, I’m going stir crazy. So it’s Friday!!!!! And what better post than to write about than one of my favourite fashion accessories of all time, rings!!!

I’m sure many of you have seen the trend in midi rings lately. In the older days, people used to wear probably one, maximum two rings on each hand. Heck, some people just wear their wedding band and that’s about as far as they get. But with the invention of midi rings (also known as knuckle rings, are rings that sit right in the middle of the finger), people can now wear as close to 20 over rings on their 10 fingers. Sometimes I wonder how people write, carry things or even drive with all these weight on their fingers.

Exhibit A

Wonder how she does that...Awesome.

Wonder how she does that…Awesome.

but hey, the power of pretty things can make sure help overcome any difficulty, take for example, if people can walk around in shoes like this,


I’m sure they will do fine with these…


I heard of many girls that can’t seem to find the right ring size because their fingers are too small and seriously guys, I todally understand, because I’m one of those. My fingers are extremely small and I can never seem to find the right size when I shop for rings. But now, I can totally wear rings on those fingers with just the right fit because midi rings are created. And also, don’t ask me why, I can never stand wearing a ring on my fourth finger on each hand, so I guess if I ever do get married in the future, my wedding ring would have to be a midi ring with like a 5 carat diamond encrusted on it. What better way to show off your bling eh? I ❤ midi rings.

Anyway, before you buy rings, you should really know your own ring size first. There are two ways to do so, one is to measure the size of your finger, or mid knuckle with a piece of paper and measure it using a ruler, or another easier and lazier way to do so is to measure the size of your ring size using an existing ring. I currently wear midi rings on my 3rd and fourth finger and they are about size 7 and 8 respectively approx.


Click on this link “Find my Ring Size for full chart.

So, now you think, where can I find mid rings that are of reasonable quality, and won’t break a hole in my pockets. Here are some places and price ranges of very purdy midi rings I found. Usually their rings starts with size 7 and up, but if they are adjustable, that’s the best. I suggest you measure your ring size first to be sure before ordering. Sometimes they come in S,M,L, which is around sizes 7,8 and 9. So be sure to measure which finger you want to wear your midi ring on to get the most accurate fit!

Here are some designs I found interesting on TopShop and Forever 21.

Top Shop Midi Rings below 15

Top Shop Midi Rings below with prices start from SGD $10 to SGD $15

forever 21 favourite mid set 8-tile

Forever 21

If you like Midi Ring sets, where you can either wear them separately or together on your fingers, you might like these selections from Dorothy Perkins that cost less than SGD $20

Dorothy Perkind Ditsy Gold midi rings 16-horz

For those that likes rings and midi rings that are more fanciful, here are some options from TopShop and Miss Selfridge 

Top: TOPSHOP Pinkie, Midi, Thumb Ring Pack SGD$26, Bottom, Topshop Rhinestone Mix Ring Pack SGD $26

Top: TOPSHOP Pinkie, Midi, Thumb Ring Pack SGD$26, Bottom, Topshop Rhinestone Mix Ring Pack SGD $26

From the left: Miss Selfridge Cocktail Midi Set SGD $14, Misss Selfridge Vintage RIng Pack at SGD $21, Miss Selfridge Plain Twist RIng Pack $18

From the left: Miss Selfridge Cocktail Midi Set SGD $14, Misss Selfridge Vintage RIng Pack at SGD $21, Miss Selfridge Plain Twist RIng PackSGD $18

Other places that also sell Midi Rings can be found at , Polyvore, Nasty Girl, ForeverNew and Scape at  #02-23/24, 2 Orchard Link Singapore 237978.

Hell, you can even make your own DIY Midi Ring. I came upon this blog where I found it to be really cool, and you can even customize your own design! Let me show you an example of how this dude DIYed his own bow midi ring.

2For more methods and designs, visit his blog below.

How to make your own DIY midi ring 

I am in such love for midi rings, that I am currently selling pre-ordered rings at really cheap prices! Remember, for the rings that are adjustable, you can simply wear them on your knuckle. Please look at the rings I am selling below and their fricken cheap prices. Brand new, shiny and super trendy! But do read the disclaimer below.

Rings selling for SGD$6


ring 4.80

ring 2 3.70 sell at 5OO3


Rings Selling for SGD$8


6 selling at 8005
6 sell at 8006
5.90 sell at 8007
4.400084.80 sell at 10009
5.80 sell at 8010
6.10 selling for 8

0116.00 0125.80 selling at 8

Rings going for SGD$10

7.40 sell at 12014
7.10 selling 10


-Domestic Shopping is free

-I will only process your transaction when I have a minimum of 5 orders

-Estimated waiting time can be from 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the number of orders

-For overseas delivery, shipping will be SGD $4.00

-Paypal, internet banking 

-Please choose Item Number, Colour and Quantity when you order in and include your name and mailing address

-No meetups (unless you are my friend :D)

-Contact me at Loowin84@gmail.com for all order queries. 

Till then,

Toodles, and kindly take 2 secs to click on the poll below.

Much love



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