Rolling off the Plateau

I started this blog not really to give anyone any expertise advice in terms of fashion or fitness. It’s just things that I’m passionate about, so I do some research, and I also write about certain things from my own experience and struggles. Remember the last post “Life of a Gymholic” where I shared some success stories of how I managed to overcome my weight problem? Well, not exactly weight problem, umm, just more of target goal to hit athlete stamina and build Now, I’m back to where I have started again, and this time, this is even more challenging because I seem to have hit a major plateau, and my medication have royally ffed up my metabolism.


Check out this site on weight plateau. It’s pretty amazing.

At my most ideal weight/wellness and overall look which was about 6 weeks ago, I clocked in a 53.5kg, maximum 54kg. At one period of time I got pretty stressed out and I was down to 51kg lowest. But that was fine, it only lasted for less than a month.

Today, I am officially clocking in at 60kg. I take my weight quite religiously and it was really depressing to see the amount of weight I have loaded on. It’s really vexing to see yourself lose it as an athlete because of meds. It’s not even about vanity anymore, you just feel lousy. And I know why, it all comes down to two things. My diet, and my exercise routine.

Check out the picture of my arm on the left and the one on the right taken recently. One was 20 weeks ago, and the after picture, is taken just 5 days ago. Below that is also a before and after picture of me wearing the same dress. The one on the left taken 26 weeks ago, and the one on the right taken just this morning.

photo (22)-horzphoto (17)-horz

So what happened? Just 3 months ago I got into an accident and I couldn’t go to the gym for my usual spin,body pump and circuit training classes, so I only ran 30 minutes on the threadmill everyday for 4,5 times a week, and did ab circuit training. I burnt about 400 over calories per sesh, and that’s when I hit major plateau because there was no high intensity exercise to kickstart my engine to “shock” my fats and holler at them to burn the fuck up. Also, my diet was terrible. I used to eat a ketogenic diet, meaning loads of protein, very little carbs, and drank only water. It’s pretty boring, but I got used to it. But my diet changed and I started eating plenty carbs, more salty food which led to water retention, and severe weight gain because one of the main reason was that my body was constantly in starvation mode before, and the sudden big intake of food did not allow my body to adjust. I admit I have had many eating problems before. Let’s look at the charts of what starvation diet can do to you, and you can read more about it HERE.

starvation-modeDiet Cycle

If you have joined a commercial gym, you can actually get one of the personnel there to help you calculate how many calories you are supposed to eat a day. Another way is to do it yourself using MyFitnessPal. You can calculate how many calories you need to eat a day based on your height/weight. I used to count my calories, but then I don’t really recommend it because it’s tiring to the max and you don’t really enjoy your food. I just believe in cray cray exercise. 😀

But for those who do….


Enter your height and weight, age and you get how many calories you can eat a day. You can also enter the calories of the food you have consumed and they will help you calculate when you will be able to reach your ideal weight. Usually the app will already have generic foods with their calorie count for you to input, but you can entire them manually if you know the exact numbers.

The healthiest time in my diet was when my exercise routine was running 5km twice a week in the morning at 6am for 30 minutes on an empty stomach, and spin class at noon every Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ll go for bodypump and spin class on Monday evenings, and have an lunch circuit training class on Fridays. On the weekends, I just do some personal training at the gym with light cardio such as the elliptical machine and cross trainers. I ate abour 5,6 meals a day, but because I gunned my body engine by running so early in the morning, the metabolism was awake before I was and it totally burned off everything I ate during the entire day. And I had a 9-6 job then, so it’s not impossible you guys…

images fitness-memes-main-imafge

So today is the first day I am back on my morning runs. It felt really good, maybe because the cool morning air felt so refreshing on my clouded head and cleared off many negative thoughts. Endorphins guys… it’s like the total shitzz. Why get cracked up over ketamine, even though I have to admit both gives you the same high and lets you lose weight as well, but I would safely say running will not make your teeth clack in withdrawal, which is really annoying by the way.

I really dig my neon gear. And I'm not sure how this picture got taken, but it looks way cool.

I really dig my neon gear. And I’m not sure how this picture got taken, but it looks way cool.

The morning scenery is breathtaking

The morning scenery is breathtaking

30 min of cardio and hilts  on these things ain't funny yo

30 min of cardio and hilts on these things ain’t funny yo

And here is my result for today


This app Runkeeper is an awesome and embarrassing mobile exercise app at the same time.  There’s this sexy woman voice that gives you audio cues about your distance, time intervals every 5 or 10 minutes, average speed, average pace and shitloads of other cues until sometimes you literally feel like there’s voices in your head. For me, I just need my time cues, distance and average speed. Oh, it syncs with your ipod and music too, totally cool. The app also allows you to share your workout results on Facebook and stuff, but uh, if you are like strolling, perhaps save it for another workout. 😉


I am totally guilty of this

I am also changing my diet back to moderate carbs, low sodium and load up with protein, which is GREAT for me because I’m a carnivore and not really a fan of bread and rice. Like I always say, if I have to eat carbs, please at least make it tasty.


I will EAT THAT BROCOLLI as well

So! I am going to keep up with this routine and head for spin class later in the evening with some ab exercises in between, my target goal  is to lose at least 3kg in 3 weeks. 1kg a week, I would think that’s rather reasonable. So, what’s your goal?

Next post: Where, what and how much to pay for Chinese New Year Clothes. Yay!!!! Shoppping!!!

Till then,



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