Getting back to the style

I have been figuring out whether I am suited for the fashion styling after so many years of work I have done with really talented people. I took a hiatus because I went through a difficult phase of my life figuring out my career options. A dear friend told me today, nobody, and I mean nobody can your own strengths better than your own. And I sat down for the entire night and thought to myself, clearly and truly. This was not easy because I have been quoting clients for projects for the whole of last month and nothing came through. I gave up, and seriously thought about leaving this industry for good. But suddenly, a thought hit me, together with the words of advice from my best friend, that I DO know what I want. I want to be a fashion advisor, and work in an industry where fashion because a lifelong career for me, and in that direction, I need to find the proper job that can let me showcase my passion, together with financially stability since I have already hit my thirties recently.

I remember this Zardoze Campaign I did close to two years ago, or less than that. It was great teamwork, I was tired as hell working 12 hours a day. But it was one of the greatest satisfaction in my life. The gowns were fantastic, and the end results went into the Audi Fashion Festival where models wore the clothes and did magnificent campaign.


The second set was for Harpers Bazaar featured in Fashion World where the picture was featured in Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2013 courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar and won 1st place in the Professional Photographer of the Year UK 2013, In the Studio category with gowns from designer Frederick Lee.


Also, here is a throwback series where I worked with Gladys and Caleb  on a beautiful outdoor shoot for a Guess inspired concept, and I truly loved the end results where the simplicity of the looks complements the complex elements of nature and natural lighting. 



This pretty much inspires me of this ad from  Hunter & Gatti for 2013 Spring Campaign of Guess by Marciano.



With this, and a very special gift from my best friend in the world, I shall continue to fight on, learn more everyday and remember why I quit my first corporate job in the beginning, forget my age, be motivated and do what my heart tells me to do. 








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