Everything’s a plus!

I got a little inspired today in this doozy of a Sunday. I was talking to a friend that wanted to become a plus sized model, and I was giving her some advice on how to make it. Somehow, I remembered this dear old friend I talked to online who became a pretty successful plus size model. She told me about her struggles almost 3 years ago and we became chums ever since, giving each other pep talks and supporting her career. I am proud to say, she has achieved so much in this period of time. She has shown that hard work, dedication and research gave her so much courage to pursue her dream. And she did it. Look at her on google now. She’s got it

Anna Adrielle (and she even got her own blog!)



Being from a small town girl in Belgium, this girl worked as ass off to make sure her dreams for modelling came through, It did, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. It also made me realize anything is possible if you make your mind to it. And she’s super supportive and never failed to make me smile with her compliments.

So I decided to help my best friend with her endeavors of becoming a plus sized model. I will not reveal her yet, but I’m excited with ideas for her.


Catalogue plus sized (lifestyle)






So yeah, yeah?? I’m not sure why I’m so excited about this post, maybe Anna made me feel so melancholic.




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