My Summer Wardrobe ~ Closet Swap!

In Singapore, its practically summer all year round. With our sunny skies and humid nights, there’s no better place to bring out our favourite summer tops, flowery bottoms and dresses, quirky shoes accessorized with colourful accessories. Not just that, we also get to wear our simple basics for great night outs. Cutout dresses, minimalistic crop tops paired off with elegant dress skirts together with a pair of statement pair of heels or boots are a must for summer parties with friends, or movie dates with the usual gang.

For myself, I love summer trends. My summer style personally would be an eclectic mix of bold and strong colours, especially blacks with metallic splashes of gold and bronze. I also love to mix prints and whites for my casual everyday wear, accessorized with the perfect big black carry-on bags that I can lug to my gym or for work meetings. I tend to have a style where my outfit can be functional, trendy and last but not least, comfortable. I am going to share a few of the must haves that I need in my wardrobe for this summer.

Oversized sweaters/jerseys

These are a need. They are so comfortable, and can be paired with so many different kinds of clothing. Be it mixing them with baggy slacks for a relaxed and casual look, or to bold coloured or dark skorts for a cheeky yet outgoing look, they fit almost every occasion. And they are really affordable, very important.



Just look at that adorable white jersey top. It’s simple, yet the simple cut out patterned designs at the front make the overall blouse scream out in hipster mode. I have numerous types of similar tops like this, and I can think of several ways to match it in my head in like 10 secs.


a) The baggy hipster jeanstumblr_n3vm6eXNt61rsyaepo1_1280-horz

The end look is just comfortable and relaxed. But it’s not too shabby to wear out to the movies, museums, shopping trips, brunches, coffeeshops. A great combination for the daily wear, I must say.tumblr_mnmyd2E4Xr1qeds6ko1_500-horz-horz

b)Bright coloured/Printed Leggings and pants

e0ilp9-i-horz-vert By matching leggings with sweaters, the end look is slightly more dressy but still casual chic. I like to pair my outfit with loafers if I know that I am going to have a long day out, or with wedges or cute heels if I’m going for a nightout with friends over drinks/dinner, paired with a cute bag and long necklaces and chunky earrings for a more feminine look. Tadah!0a50826a39a9eaee205b23892c9ef986-vert



And so the old school nineties culottes have come back to attack us in fashion. But now, instead of looking at them like burdensome school uniform skirts with a drag down of our fashion sense, they have become a fashion must in your trend dodo. I LOVE them. I get them to wear pretty short things without worrying whether my unsexy panties are exposed! One feel so safe, you just forget how pretty you look in them. Also, with the wide range of colours they are sold all over the place, the world has become so much more colourful and less moody.


Check out this favourite skorts of mine from River Island. Perfect for any time you need to hit the streets, and you can wear this with any T-shirt, jersey, sweater, and just add on a jacket for a more dressed up look.

download (1)-horz

Of course, the basic colours are never forgotten as well. A simple coloured skort can match as much as 3 distinctly purposes as casual, smart casual and semi formal all at once. cn_image.size.071513-zara-skort-1Just check out how simple a pairing of skorts and the right top can create a great look below.

images (5)-horz

 Summer Dresses

The next piece of item that is a summer must to be is a bright coloured dress with prints, be it a short fitted dress or long draped sexy number. You just can’t go wrong with a summer dress with bright flowers patterns. Just pair them with a pair of loafers or easy sandals, and you’re ready to grab your tote bag and go! This beautiful piece from Forever 21 below is one of my favourite design and style to wear out. It is just effortless.


Below are some more examples of really pretty print dresses one must have in their wardrobe!


And pair them up in small different ways to create a different look for everyday wear! From casual pullovers to dressy blazers, and from sensible loafers to flirty wedges, the dress is a multi functional piece of wardrobe for the everyday girl.


Chunky/Bold Accessories

What is an outfit without some bling to spice the look up? Ok… maybe some cookie cutters like the small feminine hearts and tiny roses, and I’m not bagging them but for me, it is all about the chunk. The bigger the necklaces or bangles are, the happier I am. I suppose it’s because I like to wear simple pieces so I can afford to balance the look out with really statement pieces.

My gold….. I love gold.


For day look and night looks, I have found references from the two pictures below. As seen in the first collage, baby colours are used to match more spunky accessories. The accessories can also fit a sweet white/pastel summer dress so they are reverstile. The second compilation is a classy pair up of gold knocks which is not a stranger to simplistic black cutout dresses or leather jackets with booties. To the hot summer hair, the cool metallic colours and melt a sand storm.




Last but not least, the must have item to complete the day’s look to me, is a comfortable, yet dressy and trendy looking pair of loafers. If you want to play safe, there are the plain black loafers that can be matched with most colours and designs. For the bolded spirit, experiment with more subdued colours with just a touch of taste in design. I personally like earth colours like brown and greys, but from time to time I will also spoil myself with bright coloured flats/loafers.


Below is a typical mix of what I usually wear out. If one can already tell, I only play dress up for events where the night goes wild and everyone is out to have fun. For my daily outfits, I love sleek but simple looks.


If you don”t believe me, just take a look with 3 very different outfits one can wear loafers with. And my personal favourite would be option 2, taking a sweet dress and matching it with a functional pair of black footwear to juxtapose the look. Sweet on top, serious at the bottom.


And that’s it! I have shared all my favourite summer pieces that I must have in my wardrobe, and I am happy that the stylish peeps from is interested in what I have to say. The fashionable team is actually holding a interactive campaign called “Closet Swap,” where they are reaching out to an exclusive group of fashion bloggers looking to hear about our wardrobe transition into summer attire! And they actually reached out to me! 😀 😀 whoop.  This campaign will last until June 7th 2014.

One can go to,  a new marketplace where you can buy discounted gift cards to your favorite brands, and sell your unused gift cards for cash!  From Nordstrom to DSW, they have gift cards to meet all your fashion needs. Please visit the site today to see what new items you can get for your wardrobe!

With that, I sign off. Will be back to update you guys with more exciting news!














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