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I have been looking around the internet for fashion and fitness tips for my blog. Be it style trends, fashion and beauty tips to help me improve my dressing or even just to help me look better, I am interested. I have always been quite obsessed with sunglasses and I really feel that I need to find the right type of glasses to fit my face frame, because I have worn glasses that make my face look really unflattering. Not only that, I do wear glasses and because I have no idea how to fit proper shapes to my face, I end up wearing contact lenses all the time and I would really like to be able to wear glasses out and look good in them. Personally, I have an oval shaped face, but this article from gives me some perspective of what we can take note of when we are trying to highlight our faces, be it the right kind of makeup to adorn to what hairstyle we should try to bring out the best look in us. This article specifically highlights people with round shaped faces, and it’s a rather useful and interesting read, if I may say.

The Round Shaped Face: 3 Sunglasses and Beauty Tips Just For You


Okay, ladies: when you have a round face, you may be falling into the trap of women who claim that their “face is fat.” You fall into the habit of saying this because a round face naturally puts focus on the middle of the face, namely the cheek bones and the area around the eyes. The shape of your face has nothing to do with your weight. Some of Hollywood’s thinnest women have round-shaped faces, women like Kirsten Dunst, Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez, and Michelle Williams. Those aren’t fat women, right? And they don’t look like they have fat faces, right? Right. Take a look at these styling tips so that you look as fashion-forward as these style icons.

1. Makeup



When you have a round face, the attention naturally goes to the center of your face, so when you do your makeup, it’s important to draw the eye to other areas of your face.


A. Eyes. Make sure when you put on your eyeliner, that you’re drawing the attention back to the sides of your face, making your eyes look more almond-shaped and less round-shaped. You’ll notice with Selena Gomez’s makeup that her stylist only put eyeliner in the middle of the eye out to the far corner of the eye. You should never never never put eyeliner all the way around your eyes because it will make them seem rounder and smaller, and your face larger. For full control over your eyeliner, try Maybelline’s Stiletto Eyeliner.


B. Lips. Because we don’t want all of the attention to be drawn to the middle of the face, draw some attention down with a bold lip color. You’ll notice that Selena’s lip color isn’t strong -it’s still a rosy pink- but it’s strong enough to give definition to her lips. Try Lip Perfection from Cover Girl. 


C. Blush. Another way to move the focus from the middle of the face is by highlighting rosy cheeks. Now, a stylist will tell you that it needs to only be on the apples of the cheeks, but you’ll see that Kirsten Dunst’s stylist put the blush a little lower down, making her face seem longer. For more control over where your blush goes, try Clinique’s Blush Cream Stick.


2. Hair


Remember how Michelle Williams has a round face? Take a look at this picture. She doesn’t look like she has a round face, does she? The reason her face looks longer and more like a rectangle or an oval is because of her haircut. The pixie cut with bangs swept off to the side helps to create the illusion that her face is longer.


Not brave enough to pull off the pixie cut? That’s okay. Take a look at Kelly Clarkson’s hair. Kelly has had a number of different do’s over the years and a number of different colors. What remains the same? She almost always has long bangs that help to provide the illusion of a longer shape to her face. You’ll also notice in this picture that she has a mid-length cut, and her stylist curled her hair away from her face. Never curl your hair toward your face as it will make your hair volume look diminished and your face look bigger.

3. Need to Wear Glasses?


If you have a round face and you need to wear glasses, you would be surprised how many of the beauty tips transfer over into selecting the right frames. The most important focus for you as a round face selecting classes is to find a pair of frames that draw the attention from the middle of the face. To that end, here are a few frames for you to try. You can try a cat-eye frame, which will add balance to your face and make your chin look smaller. Tom Ford is one of many designers who specialize in cat eye frames. You can also try very thin, oval frames like these from Ralph Lauren. The goal here is to make the middle seem thinner and more stretched out with frames that emphasize that. The only danger is that it may make your forehead and chin look bigger. Or you can take a different approach with some solid vintage frames. These frames are more along the lines of what Vogue produces, creating sophistication with function.

4. Sunglasses


While aviators look good on every face shape, your best bet for sunglasses is the Ray Ban’s Wayfarers. You may not feel like the hipster thing is “you”, but the great thing about Wayfarers is that they have such a classic look that they look great on everyone. Particularly for round faces, Wayfarers have the proper eye protection while still drawing the focus away from the middle of the face with nearly cat-eye shaped frames, and a lot of attention on the sides and corners of the classes. Wayfarers are surprisingly slimming, they’re classy, and they look good on everyone.


About the Author:

Kristen Kauffman is fashion writer and blogger, and has written nationally-credited blogs on style trends, products, and weddings. Located in Prescott, Arizona, most blogs make fashion simple, affordable, and accessible


So, after reading this article, don’t you guys think its amazing how some simple studies and research can make such a change for you? Stay tuned for more interesting beauty tips from as they continue to provide useful content to help every woman shine.

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