The Right Tips for a Great Face


I have been looking around the internet for fashion and fitness tips for my blog. Be it style trends, fashion and beauty tips to help me improve my dressing or even just to help me look better, I am interested. I have always been quite obsessed with sunglasses and I really feel that I need to find the right type of glasses to fit my face frame, because I have worn glasses that make my face look really unflattering. Not only that, I do wear glasses and because I have no idea how to fit proper shapes to my face, I end up wearing contact lenses all the time and I would really like to be able to wear glasses out and look good in them. Personally, I have an oval shaped face, but this article from gives me some perspective of what we can take note of when we are trying to highlight our faces, be it the right kind of makeup to adorn to what hairstyle we should try to bring out the best look in us. This article specifically highlights people with round shaped faces, and it’s a rather useful and interesting read, if I may say.

The Round Shaped Face: 3 Sunglasses and Beauty Tips Just For You


Okay, ladies: when you have a round face, you may be falling into the trap of women who claim that their “face is fat.” You fall into the habit of saying this because a round face naturally puts focus on the middle of the face, namely the cheek bones and the area around the eyes. The shape of your face has nothing to do with your weight. Some of Hollywood’s thinnest women have round-shaped faces, women like Kirsten Dunst, Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez, and Michelle Williams. Those aren’t fat women, right? And they don’t look like they have fat faces, right? Right. Take a look at these styling tips so that you look as fashion-forward as these style icons.

1. Makeup



When you have a round face, the attention naturally goes to the center of your face, so when you do your makeup, it’s important to draw the eye to other areas of your face.


A. Eyes. Make sure when you put on your eyeliner, that you’re drawing the attention back to the sides of your face, making your eyes look more almond-shaped and less round-shaped. You’ll notice with Selena Gomez’s makeup that her stylist only put eyeliner in the middle of the eye out to the far corner of the eye. You should never never never put eyeliner all the way around your eyes because it will make them seem rounder and smaller, and your face larger. For full control over your eyeliner, try Maybelline’s Stiletto Eyeliner.


B. Lips. Because we don’t want all of the attention to be drawn to the middle of the face, draw some attention down with a bold lip color. You’ll notice that Selena’s lip color isn’t strong -it’s still a rosy pink- but it’s strong enough to give definition to her lips. Try Lip Perfection from Cover Girl. 


C. Blush. Another way to move the focus from the middle of the face is by highlighting rosy cheeks. Now, a stylist will tell you that it needs to only be on the apples of the cheeks, but you’ll see that Kirsten Dunst’s stylist put the blush a little lower down, making her face seem longer. For more control over where your blush goes, try Clinique’s Blush Cream Stick.


2. Hair


Remember how Michelle Williams has a round face? Take a look at this picture. She doesn’t look like she has a round face, does she? The reason her face looks longer and more like a rectangle or an oval is because of her haircut. The pixie cut with bangs swept off to the side helps to create the illusion that her face is longer.


Not brave enough to pull off the pixie cut? That’s okay. Take a look at Kelly Clarkson’s hair. Kelly has had a number of different do’s over the years and a number of different colors. What remains the same? She almost always has long bangs that help to provide the illusion of a longer shape to her face. You’ll also notice in this picture that she has a mid-length cut, and her stylist curled her hair away from her face. Never curl your hair toward your face as it will make your hair volume look diminished and your face look bigger.

3. Need to Wear Glasses?


If you have a round face and you need to wear glasses, you would be surprised how many of the beauty tips transfer over into selecting the right frames. The most important focus for you as a round face selecting classes is to find a pair of frames that draw the attention from the middle of the face. To that end, here are a few frames for you to try. You can try a cat-eye frame, which will add balance to your face and make your chin look smaller. Tom Ford is one of many designers who specialize in cat eye frames. You can also try very thin, oval frames like these from Ralph Lauren. The goal here is to make the middle seem thinner and more stretched out with frames that emphasize that. The only danger is that it may make your forehead and chin look bigger. Or you can take a different approach with some solid vintage frames. These frames are more along the lines of what Vogue produces, creating sophistication with function.

4. Sunglasses


While aviators look good on every face shape, your best bet for sunglasses is the Ray Ban’s Wayfarers. You may not feel like the hipster thing is “you”, but the great thing about Wayfarers is that they have such a classic look that they look great on everyone. Particularly for round faces, Wayfarers have the proper eye protection while still drawing the focus away from the middle of the face with nearly cat-eye shaped frames, and a lot of attention on the sides and corners of the classes. Wayfarers are surprisingly slimming, they’re classy, and they look good on everyone.


About the Author:

Kristen Kauffman is fashion writer and blogger, and has written nationally-credited blogs on style trends, products, and weddings. Located in Prescott, Arizona, most blogs make fashion simple, affordable, and accessible


So, after reading this article, don’t you guys think its amazing how some simple studies and research can make such a change for you? Stay tuned for more interesting beauty tips from as they continue to provide useful content to help every woman shine.

Till next time,





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My Summer Wardrobe ~ Closet Swap!

In Singapore, its practically summer all year round. With our sunny skies and humid nights, there’s no better place to bring out our favourite summer tops, flowery bottoms and dresses, quirky shoes accessorized with colourful accessories. Not just that, we also get to wear our simple basics for great night outs. Cutout dresses, minimalistic crop tops paired off with elegant dress skirts together with a pair of statement pair of heels or boots are a must for summer parties with friends, or movie dates with the usual gang.

For myself, I love summer trends. My summer style personally would be an eclectic mix of bold and strong colours, especially blacks with metallic splashes of gold and bronze. I also love to mix prints and whites for my casual everyday wear, accessorized with the perfect big black carry-on bags that I can lug to my gym or for work meetings. I tend to have a style where my outfit can be functional, trendy and last but not least, comfortable. I am going to share a few of the must haves that I need in my wardrobe for this summer.

Oversized sweaters/jerseys

These are a need. They are so comfortable, and can be paired with so many different kinds of clothing. Be it mixing them with baggy slacks for a relaxed and casual look, or to bold coloured or dark skorts for a cheeky yet outgoing look, they fit almost every occasion. And they are really affordable, very important.



Just look at that adorable white jersey top. It’s simple, yet the simple cut out patterned designs at the front make the overall blouse scream out in hipster mode. I have numerous types of similar tops like this, and I can think of several ways to match it in my head in like 10 secs.


a) The baggy hipster jeanstumblr_n3vm6eXNt61rsyaepo1_1280-horz

The end look is just comfortable and relaxed. But it’s not too shabby to wear out to the movies, museums, shopping trips, brunches, coffeeshops. A great combination for the daily wear, I must say.tumblr_mnmyd2E4Xr1qeds6ko1_500-horz-horz

b)Bright coloured/Printed Leggings and pants

e0ilp9-i-horz-vert By matching leggings with sweaters, the end look is slightly more dressy but still casual chic. I like to pair my outfit with loafers if I know that I am going to have a long day out, or with wedges or cute heels if I’m going for a nightout with friends over drinks/dinner, paired with a cute bag and long necklaces and chunky earrings for a more feminine look. Tadah!0a50826a39a9eaee205b23892c9ef986-vert



And so the old school nineties culottes have come back to attack us in fashion. But now, instead of looking at them like burdensome school uniform skirts with a drag down of our fashion sense, they have become a fashion must in your trend dodo. I LOVE them. I get them to wear pretty short things without worrying whether my unsexy panties are exposed! One feel so safe, you just forget how pretty you look in them. Also, with the wide range of colours they are sold all over the place, the world has become so much more colourful and less moody.


Check out this favourite skorts of mine from River Island. Perfect for any time you need to hit the streets, and you can wear this with any T-shirt, jersey, sweater, and just add on a jacket for a more dressed up look.

download (1)-horz

Of course, the basic colours are never forgotten as well. A simple coloured skort can match as much as 3 distinctly purposes as casual, smart casual and semi formal all at once. cn_image.size.071513-zara-skort-1Just check out how simple a pairing of skorts and the right top can create a great look below.

images (5)-horz

 Summer Dresses

The next piece of item that is a summer must to be is a bright coloured dress with prints, be it a short fitted dress or long draped sexy number. You just can’t go wrong with a summer dress with bright flowers patterns. Just pair them with a pair of loafers or easy sandals, and you’re ready to grab your tote bag and go! This beautiful piece from Forever 21 below is one of my favourite design and style to wear out. It is just effortless.


Below are some more examples of really pretty print dresses one must have in their wardrobe!


And pair them up in small different ways to create a different look for everyday wear! From casual pullovers to dressy blazers, and from sensible loafers to flirty wedges, the dress is a multi functional piece of wardrobe for the everyday girl.


Chunky/Bold Accessories

What is an outfit without some bling to spice the look up? Ok… maybe some cookie cutters like the small feminine hearts and tiny roses, and I’m not bagging them but for me, it is all about the chunk. The bigger the necklaces or bangles are, the happier I am. I suppose it’s because I like to wear simple pieces so I can afford to balance the look out with really statement pieces.

My gold….. I love gold.


For day look and night looks, I have found references from the two pictures below. As seen in the first collage, baby colours are used to match more spunky accessories. The accessories can also fit a sweet white/pastel summer dress so they are reverstile. The second compilation is a classy pair up of gold knocks which is not a stranger to simplistic black cutout dresses or leather jackets with booties. To the hot summer hair, the cool metallic colours and melt a sand storm.




Last but not least, the must have item to complete the day’s look to me, is a comfortable, yet dressy and trendy looking pair of loafers. If you want to play safe, there are the plain black loafers that can be matched with most colours and designs. For the bolded spirit, experiment with more subdued colours with just a touch of taste in design. I personally like earth colours like brown and greys, but from time to time I will also spoil myself with bright coloured flats/loafers.


Below is a typical mix of what I usually wear out. If one can already tell, I only play dress up for events where the night goes wild and everyone is out to have fun. For my daily outfits, I love sleek but simple looks.


If you don”t believe me, just take a look with 3 very different outfits one can wear loafers with. And my personal favourite would be option 2, taking a sweet dress and matching it with a functional pair of black footwear to juxtapose the look. Sweet on top, serious at the bottom.


And that’s it! I have shared all my favourite summer pieces that I must have in my wardrobe, and I am happy that the stylish peeps from is interested in what I have to say. The fashionable team is actually holding a interactive campaign called “Closet Swap,” where they are reaching out to an exclusive group of fashion bloggers looking to hear about our wardrobe transition into summer attire! And they actually reached out to me! 😀 😀 whoop.  This campaign will last until June 7th 2014.

One can go to,  a new marketplace where you can buy discounted gift cards to your favorite brands, and sell your unused gift cards for cash!  From Nordstrom to DSW, they have gift cards to meet all your fashion needs. Please visit the site today to see what new items you can get for your wardrobe!

With that, I sign off. Will be back to update you guys with more exciting news!













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Everything’s a plus!

I got a little inspired today in this doozy of a Sunday. I was talking to a friend that wanted to become a plus sized model, and I was giving her some advice on how to make it. Somehow, I remembered this dear old friend I talked to online who became a pretty successful plus size model. She told me about her struggles almost 3 years ago and we became chums ever since, giving each other pep talks and supporting her career. I am proud to say, she has achieved so much in this period of time. She has shown that hard work, dedication and research gave her so much courage to pursue her dream. And she did it. Look at her on google now. She’s got it

Anna Adrielle (and she even got her own blog!)



Being from a small town girl in Belgium, this girl worked as ass off to make sure her dreams for modelling came through, It did, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. It also made me realize anything is possible if you make your mind to it. And she’s super supportive and never failed to make me smile with her compliments.

So I decided to help my best friend with her endeavors of becoming a plus sized model. I will not reveal her yet, but I’m excited with ideas for her.


Catalogue plus sized (lifestyle)






So yeah, yeah?? I’m not sure why I’m so excited about this post, maybe Anna made me feel so melancholic.



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Getting back to the style

I have been figuring out whether I am suited for the fashion styling after so many years of work I have done with really talented people. I took a hiatus because I went through a difficult phase of my life figuring out my career options. A dear friend told me today, nobody, and I mean nobody can your own strengths better than your own. And I sat down for the entire night and thought to myself, clearly and truly. This was not easy because I have been quoting clients for projects for the whole of last month and nothing came through. I gave up, and seriously thought about leaving this industry for good. But suddenly, a thought hit me, together with the words of advice from my best friend, that I DO know what I want. I want to be a fashion advisor, and work in an industry where fashion because a lifelong career for me, and in that direction, I need to find the proper job that can let me showcase my passion, together with financially stability since I have already hit my thirties recently.

I remember this Zardoze Campaign I did close to two years ago, or less than that. It was great teamwork, I was tired as hell working 12 hours a day. But it was one of the greatest satisfaction in my life. The gowns were fantastic, and the end results went into the Audi Fashion Festival where models wore the clothes and did magnificent campaign.


The second set was for Harpers Bazaar featured in Fashion World where the picture was featured in Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2013 courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar and won 1st place in the Professional Photographer of the Year UK 2013, In the Studio category with gowns from designer Frederick Lee.


Also, here is a throwback series where I worked with Gladys and Caleb  on a beautiful outdoor shoot for a Guess inspired concept, and I truly loved the end results where the simplicity of the looks complements the complex elements of nature and natural lighting. 



This pretty much inspires me of this ad from  Hunter & Gatti for 2013 Spring Campaign of Guess by Marciano.



With this, and a very special gift from my best friend in the world, I shall continue to fight on, learn more everyday and remember why I quit my first corporate job in the beginning, forget my age, be motivated and do what my heart tells me to do. 







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CNY CNY… Money all the way..


So Chinese New Year is around the corner, like really close. I know I posted one link on what to wear for the new Spring/Summertime but I think that’s like really too specific so maybe I should try to explore more into this. Time to do some spree last minute shopping!!!!!!

Following my last post, I managed to shed of 2 pounds, but it’s like seriously not easy you guys. And with CNY goodies keep appearing in my face, it takes trice the willpower to eat clean after a real hard day of multiple workout sessions. I took skipping back up for interval training after every 30 minute cardio run in the gym, and I love, seriously, LOVE hilts, but they are the bitchiest best friend you can ever have.

Back to the topic… ( I will seriously go on forever about my exercise which is like super annoying I know..)

I want to talk about some of the good places I have been buying my New Year Clothes. When I say good, I mean places where people can’t tell their prices and they always think I got them somewhere exclusive and at an exorbitant price. Actually, I styled a fashion shoot jus last week and the wardrobe was so economical that my client was real surprised. I guess it’s not much talent, it’s just how much dedication you have to get something nice yet thrifty.

The lovely model in pink in the middle is wearing a dress that just cost $30 at JobnShop, but I got this colour at Bugis Junction. Looks lovely on her.

The lovely model in pink in the middle is wearing a dress that just cost $30 at JobnShop, but I got this colour at Bugis Junction. Looks lovely on her.

Got the top for $18 at The D.X.E at the first floor of Century Square at Tampines Central, skirt form JobnShop

Got the top for $18 at The D.X.E at the first floor of Century Square at Tampines Central, skirt form JobnShop

Now Macklemore’s song really makes sense, just that my clothes don’t smile like piss, just sayin 😉

I know I know, most of you will think, yeah I will write mostly hipster shit topics and only talk about young things. Hey, cmon, I’m finally reaching the Big 3 in less than 3 months so I think, I think.. I can try to help talk about more lifestyle and let’s say, age friendly targeted options.

So here are some options from a few known brands that carry nice red but not too cheesy stuff.

For the 20’s and above:


Festival of Prints Dress in Red

Festival of Prints Dress in Red

Back Slash Bodycon Dress in Red

Back Slash Bodycon Dress in Red

Molly Mesh Frock

Molly Mesh Frock

For the 30’s and above:

Draw A Line Embellished Top in Red  Mission Control Blazer in Red

Draw A Line Embellished Top in Red
Mission Control Blazer in Red

Corporate Jumpsuit in Red

Corporate Jumpsuit in Red

Nippon Waves Peplum Dress

Nippon Waves Peplum Dress

And did I tell you, they have having a huge sale I tell, and the dress cost below S$SGD 50 and accessories < S$10. Awesome.

I saw this darling pencil skirt when I walked by their Tampines Store at Tampines One. For more store locations or to check out their collections, visit their website here 

photo (19)

For the 20’s and above:


Crepe Top Denim Jacket

Crepe Top
Denim Jacket

Draped Dress

Draped Dress

Red Jersey Dress, Denim Jacket, Chiffon Dress Leather Bag Platform Peep Toe Heels Black

Red Jersey Dress,
Denim Jacket,
Chiffon Dress
Leather Bag
Platform Peep Toe Heels Black

For the 30’s and above:

Purplum Skirt Draped Top

Purplum Skirt
Draped Top

Draped Top Wraparound Skirt Shoulder Bag

Draped Top
Wraparound Skirt
Shoulder Bag

Drapped Green Dress

Drapped Green Dress

H&M even have a New Year style guide on their website, for even more professional tips!


Of course, not forgetting some love for them men, Swagger, a lifestyle and menswear boutique located at Ann Siang heir dapper suits and sartorial collection of shirts, pants and beachwear to spice up every guy’s wardrobe. Visit their site and store today to do some last minute shopping.


And also, they are giving away this fitness and style guide program worth up to S$2000. Pretty cool I must say, keeping fit while looking good.


So there, you’ll probably get some ideas of where I shop. I’m pretty lazy so I like to shop online. But after years of receiving disappointing parcels where the clothes fit are shit, it so happens a lot if my weight goes yo-yoing right at this period (much going due to bad diet and alcohol, ) then I will say I effing HATE online shopping. That’s when I say peeps, during the period you are doing through a weight loss program, best to try everything in shops and leave the internet alone for awhile if you are thinking of going for a shopping spree, because you WILL waste about $200 worth of clothes you find so appealing on the size -200 models in the online catalogue you see online and fit you like the T-shirt that fits Winnie The Pooh when the clothes do arrive. Learn it from me, I’m 30 and this shit still happens to me every other 3 months. Not proud, I swear, not proud.

So with that, I’m going to be a total bullshit of myself and attempt to try out this Eggnog Recipe because I watched too much Glee recently and I miss Rum

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you hit at least 3 digit in your red packets, or else you have one hell of a miserly family. Just kidding, REALLY!



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Rolling off the Plateau

I started this blog not really to give anyone any expertise advice in terms of fashion or fitness. It’s just things that I’m passionate about, so I do some research, and I also write about certain things from my own experience and struggles. Remember the last post “Life of a Gymholic” where I shared some success stories of how I managed to overcome my weight problem? Well, not exactly weight problem, umm, just more of target goal to hit athlete stamina and build Now, I’m back to where I have started again, and this time, this is even more challenging because I seem to have hit a major plateau, and my medication have royally ffed up my metabolism.


Check out this site on weight plateau. It’s pretty amazing.

At my most ideal weight/wellness and overall look which was about 6 weeks ago, I clocked in a 53.5kg, maximum 54kg. At one period of time I got pretty stressed out and I was down to 51kg lowest. But that was fine, it only lasted for less than a month.

Today, I am officially clocking in at 60kg. I take my weight quite religiously and it was really depressing to see the amount of weight I have loaded on. It’s really vexing to see yourself lose it as an athlete because of meds. It’s not even about vanity anymore, you just feel lousy. And I know why, it all comes down to two things. My diet, and my exercise routine.

Check out the picture of my arm on the left and the one on the right taken recently. One was 20 weeks ago, and the after picture, is taken just 5 days ago. Below that is also a before and after picture of me wearing the same dress. The one on the left taken 26 weeks ago, and the one on the right taken just this morning.

photo (22)-horzphoto (17)-horz

So what happened? Just 3 months ago I got into an accident and I couldn’t go to the gym for my usual spin,body pump and circuit training classes, so I only ran 30 minutes on the threadmill everyday for 4,5 times a week, and did ab circuit training. I burnt about 400 over calories per sesh, and that’s when I hit major plateau because there was no high intensity exercise to kickstart my engine to “shock” my fats and holler at them to burn the fuck up. Also, my diet was terrible. I used to eat a ketogenic diet, meaning loads of protein, very little carbs, and drank only water. It’s pretty boring, but I got used to it. But my diet changed and I started eating plenty carbs, more salty food which led to water retention, and severe weight gain because one of the main reason was that my body was constantly in starvation mode before, and the sudden big intake of food did not allow my body to adjust. I admit I have had many eating problems before. Let’s look at the charts of what starvation diet can do to you, and you can read more about it HERE.

starvation-modeDiet Cycle

If you have joined a commercial gym, you can actually get one of the personnel there to help you calculate how many calories you are supposed to eat a day. Another way is to do it yourself using MyFitnessPal. You can calculate how many calories you need to eat a day based on your height/weight. I used to count my calories, but then I don’t really recommend it because it’s tiring to the max and you don’t really enjoy your food. I just believe in cray cray exercise. 😀

But for those who do….


Enter your height and weight, age and you get how many calories you can eat a day. You can also enter the calories of the food you have consumed and they will help you calculate when you will be able to reach your ideal weight. Usually the app will already have generic foods with their calorie count for you to input, but you can entire them manually if you know the exact numbers.

The healthiest time in my diet was when my exercise routine was running 5km twice a week in the morning at 6am for 30 minutes on an empty stomach, and spin class at noon every Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ll go for bodypump and spin class on Monday evenings, and have an lunch circuit training class on Fridays. On the weekends, I just do some personal training at the gym with light cardio such as the elliptical machine and cross trainers. I ate abour 5,6 meals a day, but because I gunned my body engine by running so early in the morning, the metabolism was awake before I was and it totally burned off everything I ate during the entire day. And I had a 9-6 job then, so it’s not impossible you guys…

images fitness-memes-main-imafge

So today is the first day I am back on my morning runs. It felt really good, maybe because the cool morning air felt so refreshing on my clouded head and cleared off many negative thoughts. Endorphins guys… it’s like the total shitzz. Why get cracked up over ketamine, even though I have to admit both gives you the same high and lets you lose weight as well, but I would safely say running will not make your teeth clack in withdrawal, which is really annoying by the way.

I really dig my neon gear. And I'm not sure how this picture got taken, but it looks way cool.

I really dig my neon gear. And I’m not sure how this picture got taken, but it looks way cool.

The morning scenery is breathtaking

The morning scenery is breathtaking

30 min of cardio and hilts  on these things ain't funny yo

30 min of cardio and hilts on these things ain’t funny yo

And here is my result for today


This app Runkeeper is an awesome and embarrassing mobile exercise app at the same time.  There’s this sexy woman voice that gives you audio cues about your distance, time intervals every 5 or 10 minutes, average speed, average pace and shitloads of other cues until sometimes you literally feel like there’s voices in your head. For me, I just need my time cues, distance and average speed. Oh, it syncs with your ipod and music too, totally cool. The app also allows you to share your workout results on Facebook and stuff, but uh, if you are like strolling, perhaps save it for another workout. 😉


I am totally guilty of this

I am also changing my diet back to moderate carbs, low sodium and load up with protein, which is GREAT for me because I’m a carnivore and not really a fan of bread and rice. Like I always say, if I have to eat carbs, please at least make it tasty.


I will EAT THAT BROCOLLI as well

So! I am going to keep up with this routine and head for spin class later in the evening with some ab exercises in between, my target goal  is to lose at least 3kg in 3 weeks. 1kg a week, I would think that’s rather reasonable. So, what’s your goal?

Next post: Where, what and how much to pay for Chinese New Year Clothes. Yay!!!! Shoppping!!!

Till then,



2 Secs Please…to help me give me better feedback about my blog posts.

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Rings for the middle finger

Hey yo fashionable peeps,

Sorry for the pun in the title, I can’t help it, really can’t 😛 And with this two week flu going on, I’m going stir crazy. So it’s Friday!!!!! And what better post than to write about than one of my favourite fashion accessories of all time, rings!!!

I’m sure many of you have seen the trend in midi rings lately. In the older days, people used to wear probably one, maximum two rings on each hand. Heck, some people just wear their wedding band and that’s about as far as they get. But with the invention of midi rings (also known as knuckle rings, are rings that sit right in the middle of the finger), people can now wear as close to 20 over rings on their 10 fingers. Sometimes I wonder how people write, carry things or even drive with all these weight on their fingers.

Exhibit A

Wonder how she does that...Awesome.

Wonder how she does that…Awesome.

but hey, the power of pretty things can make sure help overcome any difficulty, take for example, if people can walk around in shoes like this,


I’m sure they will do fine with these…


I heard of many girls that can’t seem to find the right ring size because their fingers are too small and seriously guys, I todally understand, because I’m one of those. My fingers are extremely small and I can never seem to find the right size when I shop for rings. But now, I can totally wear rings on those fingers with just the right fit because midi rings are created. And also, don’t ask me why, I can never stand wearing a ring on my fourth finger on each hand, so I guess if I ever do get married in the future, my wedding ring would have to be a midi ring with like a 5 carat diamond encrusted on it. What better way to show off your bling eh? I ❤ midi rings.

Anyway, before you buy rings, you should really know your own ring size first. There are two ways to do so, one is to measure the size of your finger, or mid knuckle with a piece of paper and measure it using a ruler, or another easier and lazier way to do so is to measure the size of your ring size using an existing ring. I currently wear midi rings on my 3rd and fourth finger and they are about size 7 and 8 respectively approx.


Click on this link “Find my Ring Size for full chart.

So, now you think, where can I find mid rings that are of reasonable quality, and won’t break a hole in my pockets. Here are some places and price ranges of very purdy midi rings I found. Usually their rings starts with size 7 and up, but if they are adjustable, that’s the best. I suggest you measure your ring size first to be sure before ordering. Sometimes they come in S,M,L, which is around sizes 7,8 and 9. So be sure to measure which finger you want to wear your midi ring on to get the most accurate fit!

Here are some designs I found interesting on TopShop and Forever 21.

Top Shop Midi Rings below 15

Top Shop Midi Rings below with prices start from SGD $10 to SGD $15

forever 21 favourite mid set 8-tile

Forever 21

If you like Midi Ring sets, where you can either wear them separately or together on your fingers, you might like these selections from Dorothy Perkins that cost less than SGD $20

Dorothy Perkind Ditsy Gold midi rings 16-horz

For those that likes rings and midi rings that are more fanciful, here are some options from TopShop and Miss Selfridge 

Top: TOPSHOP Pinkie, Midi, Thumb Ring Pack SGD$26, Bottom, Topshop Rhinestone Mix Ring Pack SGD $26

Top: TOPSHOP Pinkie, Midi, Thumb Ring Pack SGD$26, Bottom, Topshop Rhinestone Mix Ring Pack SGD $26

From the left: Miss Selfridge Cocktail Midi Set SGD $14, Misss Selfridge Vintage RIng Pack at SGD $21, Miss Selfridge Plain Twist RIng Pack $18

From the left: Miss Selfridge Cocktail Midi Set SGD $14, Misss Selfridge Vintage RIng Pack at SGD $21, Miss Selfridge Plain Twist RIng PackSGD $18

Other places that also sell Midi Rings can be found at , Polyvore, Nasty Girl, ForeverNew and Scape at  #02-23/24, 2 Orchard Link Singapore 237978.

Hell, you can even make your own DIY Midi Ring. I came upon this blog where I found it to be really cool, and you can even customize your own design! Let me show you an example of how this dude DIYed his own bow midi ring.

2For more methods and designs, visit his blog below.

How to make your own DIY midi ring 

I am in such love for midi rings, that I am currently selling pre-ordered rings at really cheap prices! Remember, for the rings that are adjustable, you can simply wear them on your knuckle. Please look at the rings I am selling below and their fricken cheap prices. Brand new, shiny and super trendy! But do read the disclaimer below.

Rings selling for SGD$6


ring 4.80

ring 2 3.70 sell at 5OO3


Rings Selling for SGD$8


6 selling at 8005
6 sell at 8006
5.90 sell at 8007
4.400084.80 sell at 10009
5.80 sell at 8010
6.10 selling for 8

0116.00 0125.80 selling at 8

Rings going for SGD$10

7.40 sell at 12014
7.10 selling 10


-Domestic Shopping is free

-I will only process your transaction when I have a minimum of 5 orders

-Estimated waiting time can be from 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the number of orders

-For overseas delivery, shipping will be SGD $4.00

-Paypal, internet banking 

-Please choose Item Number, Colour and Quantity when you order in and include your name and mailing address

-No meetups (unless you are my friend :D)

-Contact me at for all order queries. 

Till then,

Toodles, and kindly take 2 secs to click on the poll below.

Much love


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